Fresh and Comfort Bathroom Wall Colors

Bathroom is the freshest room where we can refresh our mind with lots of water and wash and clean our body with fresh water. Some people would like to line their bathroom walls and floor with gorgeous and amazing tiles so that the water splashes will not create stains on the walls and make their bathroom looks bad. The other else would like to paint their bathroom walls with waterproof paint so that they can keep their bathroom looks pretty without lining the walls with tiles. Which one do you prefer?

Blue Bathroom Wall Colors

Everybody knows blue is a fresh color and it is identical with sky, water, and earth. On earth – or globe – blue is the dominant color and it shows that our earth is dominated with water. Blue is a quiet and calm color. When we see blue color we’ll feel quiet, fresh, and comfort. Blue is a nice bathroom wall color that will be nicer when it is combined with white. Paint your bathroom walls with blue and complete your bathroom with white bathroom furniture set.

Lime Bathroom Wall Colors

Lime is another fresh color except blue, orange, lemon yellow, and red. Lime was created when green met lemon yellow color. Nowadays, lime color becomes a summer color. When we wear lime colored dress in the summer, we’ll look fresh. And white lime bathroom wall colors on our bathroom walls, we’ll make the room felt so fresh. Do not mix or combine lime color with blue because they’ll be uninteresting. White with perfect and balance lime bathroom color.

White Bathroom Wall Colors

Certainly, white bathroom wall colors that are combined with white bathroom furniture are so boring and uninteresting. Unfortunately, if your bathroom has small spaces, white bathroom wall color is the best choice. Just make your white bathroom looks fresher by placing red mat on the floor, blue curtain for the window, lemon yellow towels on the towel holder, also green framed wall mirrors. You’ll find out that white is a great color when it works with another color.