Spacious Bathroom Vanity Combos

Providing the sufficient storage within the bathroom is important to manage the variety of bathroom needs including some towels, tissues stocks, lots of body treatment products and many more. If they are not well arranged, our bathroom will get messy. Therefore, we need the maximum storage for them. Besides that, we also need to have the eye-catching look storage that can support our bathroom appearance. In following, the two collections of spacious bathroom vanity combos are presented. Both of them are the outstanding storage that can beautify our bathroom with their stylish designs instead of keeping our bathroom needs within their drawers. Here they are.

Orange Bathroom Vanity Combos

The first example is an orange bathroom vanity combo. It is a stylish bathroom vanity in free-stand type. This vanity is supported with unbreakable stands made from finest wood. Furthermore, it has four drawers. Two of them are completed with swinging doors and two others are available in sliding type. Besides having the maximum storage space, this vanity also has two stunning concave sinks on its granite top. Both of sinks are completed with luminous white faucets made from ordinary steel. You can combine this vanity with metal-framed bathroom mirror to make it more awesome.

Maroon Bathroom Vanity Combos

The second one is what we call as maroon bathroom vanity combos. It is a charming bathroom vanity with gorgeous look and intriguing design. This bathroom vanity is made from best wood that has been well polished. So, the surface of this vanity is definitely smooth. Besides that, this vanity also has the maximum storage function since it is completed with several drawers. All of the drawers are facilitated with shining gold colored iron knobs to make you easy to operate them. Last, this vanity has the stunning oval sink with short curve faucet on the top part. It is a perfect bathroom vanity combo, right?

Finally, the complete description of two marvelous bathroom vanity combos has been presented. Actually, more color and shape choices are available. You can freely choose the most suitable vanity for your own bathroom. Just take the best of them.